ACA Convention - Chicago, August 2010


The ACA summer convention was held in Chicago from July 31 
to August 3.  Students from University of Illinois/Chicago 
(UIC), Northern Illinois University (NIU), Westwood College, 
Carrol University, and Sam Houston State University (SHSU) 
dominated the student contingent, but students from other 
schools around the country came and joined us all for a 
few days of education, fun, and networking.

UIC was especially honored, because Paola Baldo (shown 
far left) , the president of the UIC student chapter 
(UIC-CJS) was invited to set at the head table with the ACA, 
corrections, and political dignataries at the General Assembly 
meeting in front of several thousand people.

Here are a few of the student highlights from the convention:

Far more went on than can summarized in a few pictures, but some of the highights included Paola (UIC) being introduced with the dignataries at the General Assembly. Jagoda (UIC) was a panelist in a major session and received high praise from the audience. Karolina, Eddie, and Adam (UIC) were among the many students attending the sessions.

A major event for students, the Student Poster Competition, was well- represented by a large group of participants from around the country. Gabe (UIC) took first place in the graduate competition, and Mary (NIU) took first in the undergraduate competition. Both are explaining their papers to passersbys.

Shannon (NIU) is puts up her poster (that one second place) and Satya and Riyaz (UIC) explain their runner-up paper to a passer-by. After the poster session, the winning posters were put on display in the exhibit hall.

Students were encouraged to participate in the ACA's Student Affairs Committee meeting, and here a few who arrived early, waiting for the meeting to start. Of course, it wasn't all work. Vendors display their wares in a huge hall, and here are some students who examined the goods.

One highlight of conferences is the prison tours. Here, Aimie is getting on a prison bus (will we ever see her again?), and Satyah and Adam are taken "captive" for a tour of Cook County Jail. The students got to know each other better on these tours, but also shared time at the student tables at the Meet and Greet" on the first night.

Later at the Meet and Greet, students were joined by high-ranking correctional profesionals, who shared ideas and experiences. And, nobody went hungry: There were class banquets and receptions. Now, we're all looking forward to the coming year's tours, conferences, and other events, to share more ideas and meet new people.

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