ACA Student Poster Session - New Orleans, August 2008


The student poster session in New Orleans had a strong turnout of ACA students from around the country.

We are indebted to the following for their generous support of the ACA Student Poster session:

--1) North American Association of Wardens and Superintendents
--2) Ohio Wardens and Superintendents Association
--3) University of Arkansas at Little Rock / Juvenile Justice Center

Here are a few of the highlights.

Shondra, from Eastern Kentucky University, is ready to answer questions about her work on Behavioral Cognitive Therapy. Shondra has been attending ACA conferences with EKU for several years, and has been an active leader in ACA-SAC. Zach and Rebecca, both from Appalachian State University, prepare to present their work on juveniles. M

Erin, also from ASU, focused her research on student attitudes to terrorism, while Tricia gets ready to explain her work on racial profiling to passers-by. Lori, another EKU representative, answers questions from a curious on-looker.

We're all looking forward to Florida in January, 2009!!

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