ACA Student Poster Session - Nashville, Tennessee - August, 2009


We are indebted to the following for their generous support of the ACA Student Poster session in Nashville:

--1) North American Association of Wardens and Superintendents

--2) Anonymous benefactors at Northern Illinois University for Scholarship Support

Here are a few of the highlights.

Eastern Kentucky University swept prizes in both graduate and undergraduate divisions. Erin's poster on predictors of stress among juvenile probation workers won first place in the graduate competition, as she and Tommy prepare to display it. Heather's paper on perceptions of sexual violence in women's housing units won the undergraduate competition, and Leslie Leslie, discusses prevention of gang violence in prisons with an observer.

NIU's Erin answers questions from a judge, and on faith-based learning, and Heather explains her key points to an interested attendee. Fran, Tommy, and a passerby pause after looking at one of the posters.

It's not all posters and work!Paola, Karolina, and Jagoda from UIC take a break in one of the Gaylord's restaurants, and Dave Taylor of CAMA discusses with EKU, NIU, and UIC students, plans for developing programs for students interested in accreditation issues. A few UIC students spend some time with Chuck Kehoe, former ACA president, and explain their career plans in corrections.

We're all looking forward to Tampa and Chicago in 2010!!!

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