ACA Student Poster Session - Chicago, August 2010


We are indebted to the following for their generous support of the ACA Student Poster session in Chicago:

--International Association for Correctional and Forensic Psychology IACFP
--North American Association of Wardens and Superintendents NAAWS
--Northern Illinois University, NIU-ACA
--Northern Illinois University Department of Geography
--University of Illinois/Chicago - UIC-CJS

Here are a few of the highlights.

As always, the papers were of exceptionally high quality, and the judges had a difficult time selecting the winners. Thanks to all the students who participated!! Gabe Culbert, from UIC, took first place for his paper on preventing HIV/AIDS at the Graduate level, and Mary Docking (NIU) was first at the undergrad level for "Serial Sexual Offenders."

NIU's Kathryn Chiiplis won second place at the grduate level for her paper on drug courts in a rural community, and Shannon Morley, also from NIU,took second place at the undergraduate level for her paper on private prisons. Because of the closeness among judges for the undergraduate papers, Satya Shah and Riyaz Patel, both from UIC, were awarded third for "Coping with Aging Prisoners."

Curious conference attendees came and went for three hours, discussing the students papers with them. Jim Thomas and Eric Hoch , the Vice-Chair and Chair of the ACA's student affairs committee, take a break as the poster session comes to a close. Not all the students participated in the poster session. Some were panelists on the program, including Jagodka Ciurkot, Brian Schaefer, and Cassandra Atkin. Jagodka is from UIC, and Brian and Cassandra are Phd candidates at Sam Houston State University.
It's not all work, of course, and there is time for socializing and networking. The "meet and greet" on Saturday night had far more students than expected. Students from Westwood College, ACA's newest student chapter, added to the fun, and there was plenty of pizza for these folk. Later, David Taylor and Lonnie Lemons from the Correctional Accreditation Managers Association joined us, while Jagodka is waiting for more pizza.
Visiting the huge Vendors' Exhibit is always an interesting experience, and the prison tours add to what we all learn. The students were invited to more receptions than they could attend, thanks to NAAWS, Keefe Group Supply, and others. Nobody, not even Kayla and Kathryn, left the conference hungry!

We're all looking forward to the January ACA conference in San Antonio and the the next poster session in August, 2011.

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