ACA-SAC in Kansas City, August 11-15, 2007

The student chapters of the American Correctional Association were well-represented at the August conference in Kansas City. Missouri, Applachian State in North Carolina, Eastern Kentucky U., and Northern Illinois U. each brought a large contingent of students.

The ACA Student Affairs Committee met on Sunday and developed a long-range plan for the coming year. The highlights included:

a) Stepping up the recruitment of student chapters

b) Encouraging vendors and publishers to participate with students

c) Expanding the activities, both at ACA and between conferences for students

The highlight of the conference for students was the student POSTER COMPETITION. There were 15 papers, submitted, all of exceptional quality. Fran organized another Building Bridges session to bring practioners and students together that was informative and lively, and Phylisty (EKU) listens attentively.

The NIU-ACA contingent was also represented in the sessions. Will Mingus, from NIU, organized a panel on media's role in "demonizing" sex offenders, and Jim Thomas gave a paper co-authored with Jeremy Adolphson, and a few of the ASU and NIU student affairs crowd congregated after all the questions were answered.

Of course, there was time for discussing ideas after panels, and the students from the various chapters congregated to discuss the sessions they attended and the things they learned. Josh (NIU) shares some ideas with U.S. Congressman Danny Davis, and Natalie (ASU) enjoyed a few minutes of relaxation before returning to heavy discussions. Jim (left/NIU) attempts to explain to an incredulous Anna (center/Washington) why we should build prisons on the moon, while Rich (right/Illinois) shakes his head in disbelief. BZ (ASU) and Rich pause for a moment for a quick snapshot, as do Abbie (UCMO) and Rich (NIU). Taking it all in, Zach (ASU) just chills for a few minutes, while Natalie (ASU) and Jim plan for the next conference.

There were too many people to include everybody's picture who participated, but everybody is looking forward to the January, 2008, conference in Texas, anxious to see each other and meet the new students attending.

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