ACA Student Affairs Commitee Poster Session

Kansas City - August, 2007

The American Correctional Association's Student Affairs Committee sponsored its semi-annual poster session at the ACA conference in Kansas City in August, 2007. Fifteen papers were submitted, 13 presented, and all were of exceptional quality, many even publishable. The judges (list them here) had a difficult task in selecting the top two in the graduate and undergraduate categories. All were winners!

In the graduate competition, Jennifer Schlosser (above) from the University of Missouri-Columbia, took top prize, and Josh Stone from Northern Illinois University was runner-up. In the undergraduate level, Rachel Stanton, (above) from Appalachian State University, finished first, and Shondra New (Eastern Kentucky State) was runner-up.

The ACA-SAC is indebted to the generosity of organizations that donated resources for prizes that helped make the poster session a success in reaching out to students. We offer thanks the North American Association of Wardens & Superintendents (NAAWS) and to the American Association of Correctional and Forensic Psychology, who also publish the Journal of Criminal Justice and Behavior, one of the top criminology publications in the field. Their contributions were a crucial factor in the success of the event! Donors wishing more information on the the poster session can contact Lisa Hutchinson.

The judges, Tommy Norris, Lisa Hutchinson, Emran Khan and Joe Marcassi, had the difficult task of reading so many papers of exceptional quality and selecting award-winners. They were also active in discussing the students' ideas during the poster display. The poster session would not have been such a great success if not for Lisa Hutchinson, the EKU chapter faculty advisor who organized the session. And, of course, the participating students made it all happen, of whom we can recognize only a few here:

  Abbie (EKU) discusses her paper           John (UMO) and his poster                            Rich (NIU) and Olivia (UMO)       

Shondra (EKU) and Zach (ASU)                   Fran (UMO) gathering the flock                        Don (ACA), watching it all        

Keisha (UMO) and sex offenders                 Josh (NIU) and Emran (WSU)                    Ashley (UMO) watching the crowd    

Zach (ASU) and BZ (ASU) on break                Jessica (UMo) listens intently            Lisa (EKU) and Josh (NIU) share a laugh

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