ACA Student Poster Session - Tampa, 2007


The student poster session in Tampa in January had 10 high-quality papers. The papers generated lively discussion from Conference participants. The judges had a difficult time in determining the "winners." All were exceptionally good, and all the participants could be proud of their work!

Here are a few of the highlights.

Shondra, Phylisty, and Ashley of EKU stopped talking for a quick picture. Shondra and Ashley have been attending ACA conferences for the last few years and are members of the ACA Student Affairs committee. Gene (an ACA-SAC member) and Phylisty discuss her paper. Several of of the CMSU students stand back to discuss their work with other attendees. Ashley and Shondra finished first and second in the undergraduate level of the paper competition.

Bahiyya, from Rutgers, explains the problems of prisoners' children to observers, and Shenique stands in front of her poster in the graduate student category. Keisha, from UCMU answers questions from a curious on-looker. Keisha and Bahiyya won first and second place respectively in the graduate level of the poster competition.

Of course, no ACA student event would be complete without a reception. Monday night, students and others were honored with a buffet and schmoozing. A large crowd turned up and enjoyed a few light moments. Don is presumably explaining the Chicago Bears win over New Orleans and its relevance to corrections, while the other Don discusses session events with Phylisty and Ashley.

We're all looking forward to Kansas City and doing it all over again.

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