ACA Conference - Kissimmee, Fla--Aug, 2009


NIU-ACA took five students from NIU to the Kissimmee, Florida, conference, and were joined by two students from Univeristy of Illinois/Chicago's Criminal Justice Club. Two NIU students presented their paper on faith-based prison programming, and supported the UIC-CJS students who submitted their application for recognition as a student chapter. The NIU and UIC students used the occasion to plan future events together.

Here are a few of the highlights.

The conference was at the Gaylord complex, a beautiful location. Aimie and Kathryn presented their paper at graduate level of the ACA student poster session, and discuss it with Tommie Noble, and ACA member from Eastern Kentuck University. That's Paola, from UIC-CJS on the right.

Richard, a former NIU student involved with community corrections and supporter of NIU-ACA comes in and greets Katheryn. Karon (at the end of the bable, discusses the day with other ACA members at dinner. Part of the Illinois group takes a few minutes during dinner frighten off our waitress.

Katheryn (NIU), Eddie (UIC), Jess (NIU) chat about their confernce activies, chat about their confernce activies. After successfully presenting the UIC-CJS application, Paula (UIC), Jim (NIU) and Eddie (UIC) pause happily to celebrate before Eddie finds himself in a prison van wondering how he got there.

Jim and Jess are involved in a complex discussion of weather and it's relationship to crime. Linda (NIU) pauses to look at a poster, and a few of the NIU group relax on their last night in Kissimmee. We're all looking forward to Nashville in August to meet old friends and make new ones.

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