Why join NIU-ACA?

There are many reasons for joining NIU-ACA:

1. Anybody with an interest in criminal justice, especially (but hardly
excluding) corrections will find it a useful way to meet others with
similar interests, develop resources for classes and future professional
careers, and expand knowledge of the justice system.

2. Membership provides opporunities beyond those of class to attend
workshops, prison tours, law enforcement facilities, and other locations
related to the justice system.

3. The ACA holds two conferences each year, and encourages student
attendance and participation at all levels, including the ACA Student
Affairs Committee. This is where you meet people working in all areas
of criminal justice, have an opportunity to learn of internships or
career openings, and develop more skills about your interest area.

4. ACA membership also gives automatic membership in the Illinois
Correctional Association (ICA, which is current reorganizing and expanding.
Possible projects include focused tours of Illinois facilities,
and meeting state-wide represenatives from the facilities.

5. NIU-ACA encourages participation and local, regional, state and
national professional conferences in addition to the ACA/ICA.
These include the Midwest Sociology Society, the Illinois Criminal
Justice Association, and the American Society of Criminology.

6. NIU-ACA will sponsor awards, paper competitions, and other projects
intended to recognize the hard work of students throughout the NIU.

7. It's fun - we will sponsor speakers, parties, dinners, and other
events to the members can become acquainted with other outside of class.

8. It's inexpensive. 

9. We sometimes offer Sociology 495/Inside Prisons as a periodic course designed
for niu-aca members.

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