Northern Illinois University Academic Criminal Justice Association



1. The name of this organization will be the Northern Illinois University 
Academic Criminal Justice Association (NIUACA).

2. In addition to being a recognized student organization at Northern
Illinois University (NIU), NIUACA will begin and maintain the process of
affiliation with the American Correctional Association (ACA).

3. Consistent with the required bylaws for Student Chapters of the American
Correctional Association (ACA), NIUACA will have at the time of initial 
application to and admission in ACA a minimum of ten (10) members. 
To satisfy the requirements of bylaws for ACA student chapters, the dual 
NIUACA chapter will maintain status as an officially recognized (NIU) student 
organization and meet requirements established by NIU for such organizations.  

4. As an ACA dual chapter, NIUACA will serve as the NIU contact for both ACA
and the Illinois Correctional Association (ICA).


1.The chapter is organized and will be operated for the following purposes:

  (a) To support the common goals of improving the profession of 
corrections/juvenile justice and enhancing the contributions of chapter members.

  (b) To promote increased knowledge of the corrections/juvenile justice 

  (c) To provide a means of communication among persons having an interest in 
corrections/juvenile justice.

  (d) Promote the goals stated in the NIUACA Constitution.

2. NIUACA will serve students and other interested persons in the 
college/university community.

3. NIUACA will maintain its charter with the ACA. Maintaining affiliation may
be revised with a two-thirds vote by the NIUACA membership.


1. Any student in good standing at Northern Illinois University will be 
eligible for membership. Membership will remain in force as long as the member 
is enrolled in the institution of higher learning and pays required chapter 
dues. Students who are NIUACA members in good standing may retain
association membership in the student chapter for one year after graduation,
or if enrolled in post-graduation classes at NIU.
NIUACA associate members are non-voting members and ineligible for office.

2. Members of the NIUACA Student Chapter must become members of ACA 
within thirty (30) days of joining NIUACA, and must maintain membership
as a voting member of NIUACA.

3. ACA Student Chapter bylaws stipulate that
Student chapters may include single campus, multi-campus, or statewide 
establishments of higher learning. As a multi-campus institution, NIUACA 
membership to all NIU students on other NIU campuses or enrolled in NIU courses.

4. NIUACA members who joined as students and graduated in good standing
may retain or renew their membership for a period of 18 months after
graduation, which ever is longer in order to particpate in events and
projects begun prior to graduation.


1. The officers of NIUACA shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, 
Treasurer, and Faculty Advisor. These officers shall constitute the Executive 
Committee. The Faculty Advisor is a non-voting member of the Executive

2. All officers shall be members of the ACA.

3. The Executive Committee must meet the requirements established by NIU,
including at least a 2.0 grade point average. The Faculty Advisor  must
be a tenured or tenure-track faculty member, or a Professional Service
Staff member (PSS) in good standing at NIU.


1. The President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected 
by a plurality of votes cast, but a majority of the members must vote. 
Officers shall take office and serve for one (1) year. Offices may be

2. The NIUACA Advisor shall be selected by the Executive Committee 
immediately following the selection of officers. NIU shall confirm the 
selection of the Advisor through its established procedures.

3. Any elected officer may resign at any time with written notice to the 
President. If a vacancy occurs, the officers may appoint a member to fulfill 
the duties for the unexpired term. If the President resigns, the 
Vice-President will fulfill the unexpired term and a member will be appointed 
to fulfill the unexpired term of the Vice-President.


1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the chapter and the Executive 
Committee. The President shall appoint all Committees subject to approval of 
the Executive Committee. All other Executive duties not herein delegated shall 
be the President's responsibility.

2. The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President in the 
President's absence.

3. The Secretary shall maintain the official record of all chapter and Executive 
4. The Treasurer shall maintain a complete record of all income and expenses 
of the chapter and shall pay all bills as authorized by the President and/or 
the Executive Committee.

5. The student chapter Advisor will:

   (a). Be an active member of ACA.

   (b) Provide continuity as student leadership changes.

   (c) Promote and maintain strong student-faculty relationships within 
       NIU and beyond

   (d) Maintain standards of the institution of higher learning in all 
       activities of the chapter.

   (e) Serve as liaison and promote NIUACA chapter interests with related
       organizations within Illinois and elsewhere.

   (f) Exercise financial supervision, if necessary, by promoting prompt 
       payment of bills and overseeing the settlement of all accounts in 
       the event of dissolution of the chapter.

   (g) Represent the chapter interests to the faculty and administration 
        of the institution of higher learning.

   (i) Serve as liaison with the dual chapter and both ACA and ICA.


1. NIUACA shall, as long as it is a student chapter of the ACA, file an annual 
report with ACA dual chapter.  The report is due by June 30 of each year and 
will summarize the chapter's activities, report on by-law changes, and list 
the officers and advisors selected for the upcoming school year.

2. The Faculty Advisor, no less than every two years, will review the
NIUACA constitution and bylaws to assure that they remain consistent,
and that both comply with operative NIU and ACA guidelines. A report will
be reviewed by the executive committee and filed appropriately.



   (a) The NIUACA Executive Committee may create sub-committees as necessary
        to promote the goals of NIUACA.

   (b) The NIUACA Executive Committee may establish the procedures for 
        voting as appropriate, to include electronic ballotting.

   (c) the NIUACA Executive Committee, with approval of two-thirds of
        voting members, may establish reasonable chapter dues.

   (d) The NIUACA Executive Committee, with approval of two-thirds of
       voting members, may establish reasonable chapter dues.

   (e) The NIUACA Executive committee may, for cause, revoke the membership of 
       any member who acts in a manner inconsistent with the goals of NIUACA.

   (f) All Executive Committee decisions will be public, and decisions
       may be challenged by two-thirds of voting members.

   (g) A summary of all Executive Committee and membership meetings will
       be posted on the NIUACA homepage.

2. Meetings will be guided by Roberts Rules of Order.

3. Consistent with the practices of professional and other organizations,
voting may be conducted by mail, in meetings, or electronically. Electronic
balloting will be done by placing the issue and rationale on a homepage
and providing no less than five (5) days for the vote. Electronic voting
will be conducted by the Faculty Advisor or a designee.


The By-laws may be amended by a vote of two-thirds of the members.
Proposed changes in bylaws must be submitted to the full membership
no less than thirty days prior to a first reading. Following the
first reading, voting date will be scheduled no later than seven (7) days
following the first reading. Voting will occur by ballot, organized
and counted by the Faculty Advisor. Bylaw changes will be submitted to,
and must be approved by, the membership committee of the ACA.

For more information, contact the NIU-ACA Faculty Advisor:Jim Thomas -

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