August Southern Tour (August, 2005)

From August 14-17 (2005), we brought NIU-ACA members on a four-day,
five-prison tour of Southern Illinois prisons, including two minimum
security institutions, one super-maximum (Tamms), one maximum (Menard), and
one medium (Pinckneyville).

As always, Department of Corrections personnel were gracious and hospitible,
and gave a superb overview of the administrative and other aspects of
running an institution.

Here are a few pictures of the group:
Here we all are at the start Left to right is: 
Josh, Melissa, Jim, Suesette, Aimie, and Jessica (Christine is holding the camera).

The van broke down on the way, but we rented a car and made it down in the rain. 
Tamms was a friendly place, and we found it quite
easily by just following the arrow.
We were surprised to learn that Chester (where  Menard is) is also
the home of Popeye. 
No visit to southern Illinois is complete without a visit to one of the best
rib places in the country, 17th Street Barbeque.

An exhausting trip, but we came back with new understandings and
experiences, geared up to share with others in the fall.

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