Spring Break Tour (March, 2005)

On Wednesday, March 16, we went down to Springfield for a tour of Lincoln and 
Logan  on March 17, and a tour of IDOC on March 18.  The details were posted on
WebBoard, but the tour was fantastic! IDOC staff were hospitable, and we
learned more in a few days than we could in a term. We were provided with
information on affirmative action, the training academy, and other areas that
we are making available to classes for papers and reports.

We had no time for playing over an exhausting three days, but we still
had time to smile. Here are a few of us (that's Josh in front, Deanin 
peaking around in back, and Aimee and Sandrah in the middle) getting set to depart. 
Here we all are in front of the training academy.

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