We hosted the end-of-term potluck. As usual, it was a sedate, hard-working
event with serious discussions  befitting and intellectually-motivated group that 
prefers studying on a Friday night.  It didn't start until Javier brought 
his killer jambalaya, and is greeted with enthusiasm by Jim and Aimie.

Josh Stone and Steve muse on the plight of the world, while  Sandrah and Blair
 are so happy to see Javier with the food that they...they...well, they're 
happy to see him.  Everybody is waiting patiently for the food to come, 
while Jim is thinking about questions for the next exam.  
Josh, Josh and a hiding Brianna discuss the exam questions, while Sandrah and Blair 
prep for a late night of studying.

Master-chef Bill took a break from his official duties as grillmeister (what 
a job he did!!), while everybody else just pigged-out. Ryan and Aimie take a break, 
Josh listens to the Tigers beat the White Sox, Kelly wonders what she got herself 
into, and Blair thanks Javier for the jambalaya. As did everybody else.  
By the end of the night, Josh  and Aimie were  feeling a little side-ways,  
and  Blair was about to tackle the NIU-ACA cake.  Jim and Javier watch
 Lauren, Bill and Blair taste some low-carb diet coke.  Sandrah, Blair and Jim, 
thinking the night is yet young, celebrate finishing the exam questions,  
until somebody informs them that they set the clock to Australian time, and 
it's really 3 a.m. in DeKalb.

Then, we went home, getting set for the more serious stuff coming up.

(And, apologies to the folks whose pictures we didn't get up)

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