Westville Correctional Center
Participants and room information

Westville (Indiana) Correctional Center Tour - March 25, 2009

The tour of Westville is confirmed for:

--Wednesday, March 25
--9 a.m.

If you CANNOT GO, let me know ASAP. We will send the names in on
March 15. If you aren't on the list but want to be on the waiting list,
let me know.

Let me know ASAP if you will be driving down very early that morning
(about 90 minutes from Chicago, 2 hours 15 minutes from DeKalb).
Some of use will go down Tuesday about 4 or 5 and stay overnight, so
we need to know how many to reserve rooms for.

     Alexander-Charles, Karon (NIU - from Chicago)
     Arriazola, Sherie (UIC - from Chicago?)
     Baldo, Paola (UIC - from Chicago?)
     Baty, Jessica (UIUC - from Champagne)
     Berry, Sharima UIC - from Chicago?)

     Chiplis, Kathryn (NIU - overnight from DeKalb?)
     Creamer, Melissa (NIU - overnight from DeKalb?)
     *Demantas, Ilana (withdrew)
     English, Linda (NIU - overnight from Chicago)
     *Gibbs, Christina (withdrew/schedule conflict)

     Mayerbock, Timothy (NIU - overnight from Dekalb)
     Pristave, Sadie (NIU - overnight from DeKalb)
     Recchia, Emily (NIU - from DeKalb?)
     Rucinski, Aimie (NIU - overnight from DeKalb?)
     Thomas, Jim (UIC/NIU - overnight from Dekalb)

     *Thompson, Benjamin (withdrew-class conflicts)
     Tierney, Brian  (UIC - from Chicago?)
     Villa, Elizabeth (UIC - from Chicago?)
     Yount, Emily (ACA member - from ???)
     *Zuniga, Eduardo A. (withdrew - schedule conflict)

    Rooms for Tuesday overnight at Super-8 motel:

    1. Jim
    2. Tim
    3. Sadie, Aimie      
    4. Melissa; Kathryn
    5. Linda
    6. Paola
    7. Sherie, Elizabeth

Here's the basic room information:

SUPER 8 MOTEL / Michigan City
Super 8 Michigan City
5724 S. Franklin St.
Michigan City, IN 46360

It's easy to get to:
For directions from Chicago, DeKalb, or Champagn/Urban, see mapquest.
Super-8 is right off I-94, at the intersection of Ind. Rte #421.

--eight rooms (two beds)
--cost: $44.99 + 12% tax = $50

Names are listed arbitrarily -
You can divide up who goes where when you get there. If any of the women
want to triple up, we can work it out in advance and cancel a room.
But, there's a 48 hour cancellation policy, so any cancelling has to be
done by Sunday night (March 22).

Questions?, drop me a note. Jim Thomas - jthomas@math.niu.edu

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