MINUTES - NIU-ACA: Thursday, February 10, 2011

I. Meeting Introduced Jim Thomas -  5:00 pm

II. Call to order by Shannon Morley - 5:04 pm

    a) Shannon Morley, President; Mary Docking, Vice-President and
       acting secretary; Megan Hart, Treasurer

Alanis, Michael; Azarela, Sam; Booras, Emma; Brown, Kate; Brzezinski, Dan;
Carlon, Sean; Cox, Jaimie; Cruz, Diana; Docking, Mary; Franklin, Latania;
Galvez, Alberto; Guzman, Alejandra; Han, John; Harrah, Ashley; Harvey, Sheena;
Hogan, Courtney; Joachim, Andre; Lausch, Robert; Mendoza, Victor;
Miret, Stehanie; Mitchell, Latarius; Morley, Shannon O'Neill, Sela; Payne, Sarah;
Payreli, Lexie; Poltorak, Mike; Roehr, Michael; Thomas, Jim Torres, Elvis;
Villanueva, Vanessa; Weese, Loren; Willie, Joseph; Yambor, Chris; King, Jack.

   A. No formal report. Jim indicated that neither he nor the treasurer were
receiving monthly statements, but we have at least $400 in the account.
ACTION: Jim and Megan will immediately contact TCF to assure they
have current treasurer's name.

      1. TOURS: In fall, 2010--Sheridan, Stateville, Pontiac
      2. Conferences:
         a) ACA conference (Chicago) in August, 2010. Several local student
            ACA chapters participated. NIU students took first and
            second place in the ACA's Student Poster Competition
         b) ACA Conference (San Antonio) in January, 2011. No students
      3. Confirmed tours for spring: Shadow tours at Sheridan and
         Pontiac; Tour of Westville & Michigan City (IN); Angola (LA).

   C. Proposed tours for Spring/Summer (dates tentative)
      1. Prisons: Dwight (April); Dwight Shadow (May); Stateville (April);
         St Charles IYC/Juvenile (April)
      2. Other: Cook County Drug Court (April or May); Chicago Police
         Training Academy (May); Salvation Army Community Corrections
         Center (TBA--soon)
      3. Suggested tours to explore: "Body Farm;" Chicago Fire Academy;
         FBI or DEA training & labs; Multi-day tours of Southern and
         Western Illinois prisons; MCC or Marion (Federal)
    D. Other proposed activities:
       1. Career night
       2. Guest Speakers
       3. Merging NIU-ACA with SAC (Sociology Advisory Committee)--Jack
          King will explore this
       4. Spring end-of-term potluck
       5. Meeting/mixing with out Chicago-area ACA chapters
       6. Explore broader activities beyond corrections    
       7. Recruitment drive

VI. New Business
    A.  ACA Convention (Orlando, August, 2011)
        1. Mobilize students
        2. Push for papers for ACA student poster session
    B.  Creativity solicitation
        1. Posters to announce NIU-ACA activities and meetings
        2. T-shirt contest (with prizes)
    C. Fund Raising
       1. Parties/Potlucks
       2. Recruit more memberse from each $25 membship, $10 goes to club
       3. T-shirt sales
       4. "Prison dinner night" (serve prison food for small cost)

VII. OPEN FORUM SOLICITING IDEAS (ideas incorprated above)

VIII. Meeting adjourned: 4:45

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