MINUTES - NIU-ACA: Thursday, November 17, 2011

Northern Illinois University
NIU American Correctional Association Meeting 
November 17, 2011
I.  Call to order- 5:07pm

II. Roll call: Officers Present: Courtney Hogan (President), 
                Samantha Brockett (Secretary)
    Members present: (list unavailable)

III. Approval of October Minutes:  (Not available)

IV.  Officer Reports

     A. We earned around $97.00 at the bake sale. Courtney added around 
$110.00 into the account. We have approximately $540.00 in our account 

     B. Upcoming tours are Dwight, Cook County Courts, Cook County
Drug Courts and Pontiac.

V. Announcements: 
     A. The former vice-president was removed. She will be replaced
by Wayne Klemme, current treasurer-elect. 

VI. Old Business 

     A.	Wayne has been working on a shirt design for ACA. We're hoping to 
have price ideas by the December meeting. 

VII.	New Business 

     A.	We have positions that we need to fill and appoint members are for. 
Positions that were filled by:
     1.	Membership Committee Chair: Sarah Pollack
     2. SSAC Representative: Toya Winters
     3. Program Chair: Jamie Allerd
     4. PR Chair- Sam Azarela:  Sam is interested in helping updating and 
redesigning the NIU-ACA webpage.)

     B. We still have openings for Treasurer, Newsletter Committee Chair and 
NIU-ACA representative. There were four people interested in taking the 
treasurer position. On December 1st at our next meeting, those four people 
interested will speak for 1-2 minutes about why they want the position and 
the rest of the members of ACA that attend that meeting will vote who they 
want as treasurer. As for the other positions, if anyone is interested in 
taking them, please let Courtney or one of the other officers know as soon 
as possible. 

     C.	The bake sale was a success! We had originally thought we were going 
to make only around $50.00 but we ended up earning around $97.00. Thank 
you to everyone to helped with the table last week and to Courtney for doing 
awesome on the baking!

     D.	New fundraising ideas:

        1. Legends Vs. Leaders . Jack was a little nervous about people 
drowning in a swim-a-thon, but everyone at the meeting seemed to get a kick 
of watching Jim and Jack swimming a bunch of laps.

        2. Duck Race- If we were to do this, we'd sell rubber ducks to 
people and if their duck wins the race, they could win a prize or money and 
the rest can go to our organization.

        3. Bowling Alley Rental- Jack brought up the idea of renting out 
the Huskie Den for a day and having everyone that comes in pay a fixed 
price of $10.00 for unlimited bowling, pizza and pop. We could walk away 
with a good amount of money towards ACA.

        4. Applebee's: If we get approved by Applebee's and we reserve a 
day, we'd hand out flyers and if people went to Applebee's on that day with 
the flyer, 15% of their food/beverage bill would go towards the organization.
The key thing is to hand out the flyers.  (Sam received suggestions to look 
into other restaurants for fundraising. She is going to look into it and 
bring it to the December meeting).

         5. Massage Therapist- Massage Booth for around spring semester 

         6. Bake Sale- We may consider doing another bake sale since the last 
one went so well in February towards Valentine's Day.

         7. SSAC is interested in having a game night including White 
Elephant on November 28th at 5pm. A room hasn't been decided as far as we 
know yet.  They were wondering if anyone would be interested in going.

     E.	We're still trying to find out prices for the Phoenix conference 
and Angola. We need about 13 people to go to Phoenix. The dates for Phoenix 
are January 20th-25th. Angola will happen sometime in April but the date 
isn't certain yet. It will be sent out on a email or announced at a meeting 
as soon as we know.

     F.	We are currently wanting to update the Bylaws so it is required 
that both the president and treasurer will have to sign the checks for the 

***Next meeting: December 1, 2011 at 5:00pm in Zulauf 1015.

VIII.	Meeting Adjournment at 5:46pm.

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