Minutes - April 6, 2006

((note: official minutes coming soon))

The meeting was called to order at 6:30, April 6, by Josh Stone.
A small, but active, group was present.

The highlights:

-- Summer Trip: here are the group's choices (in order):
         1. Carbondale: Tamms, Menard, and ? (possibly Big Muddy or
	    Murphysboro Juvenile Boot Camp)
         2. Springfield: IDOC, Lincoln/Logan
	 3. Chicago: Cook, MCC, Salvation Army

-- Shorter Trips:
	1. One day to a county jail and court (Jessica G. suggested Kane)
	2. Shorter Chi trip

-- Possible Guest Speakers for Fall (in order of popularity):
	1. Dee Battaglia
	2. Burl Cain
	3. Serge Molina

-- We had about 5 or 6 people that may be interested in going to the ACA
conference (2 are sure), so I'll send out an email in the next couple
of weeks to get a list of names and get the poster session info out.

-- There wasn't much interest in a newsletter, but Cliff volunteered to
put stuff together for the bulletin board.

-- There were several ideas for fundraisers. I encouraged people to
develop these ideas to see what would be workable (maybe for the fall)

Any questions, drop me a note. Jim Thomas - jthomas@math.niu.edu

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