Minutes - February, 2005

NIU-ACA MINUTES / Tuesday, February 1, 2005
152 DuSable

Present: Josh Stone, Josh Near, Jim Thomas, Steve Kazmeirczek, Aimee Rucinsky,
Sandrah Marquest, Blair Thompson, Phalon Carpenter, Joe Gulino, Kelly Joy,
Suesette Carre, Debbie Alfredson.

The meeting was called to order at 6 pm by president Josh Stone, and
the summary of the last meeting was read and approved.   

The members present introduced themselves.

Blair Thompson, Sandrah Marquest, and Aimee Rucinski summarized the the January 28
trip to Stateville and Stateville NRC (Northern Reception/Classification)

Josh introduced Jim Thomas, the faculty advisor, who made several

 --The ACA accepted our application for membership as a student chapter,
   and NIU approved our organization at the January 28 meeting.

 --Plans for several trips are being considered, and the chapter will be
   polled for interest in a two-state May/summer project with the
   North Carolina chapter, with 5 days in one state, 5 in the other,
   probably with a month or more in between;  The Angola (La) prison
   rodeo in October from a Thurs-Monday will be explored.

 --There is sufficient interest for trip during spring vacation  
   (Departing Weds afternoon, March 16, returning Friday evening, March 19).
   The trip would include Lincoln/Logan (M/F medium facilties) on a Thursday,
   and a behind-the-scenes look at IDOC on Friday.
 --Cook County Jail is still in the works; It's just finding a free
   Friday over the next 6 weeks


 --Treasurer's report: Steve K reported that we are currently solvent
   with a current balance of nearly $200, with more anticipated in
   coming weeks.


Josh Near provided examples possible tshirt designs featuring a huskie.
It was decided to form a tshirt committee to come up with a design to be
approved by the organization as soon as possible. The strong consensus
was to go with the local provider recommended by Josh.


1) Committee structure - The following was proposed:

  a) Publication Committee--
	a) put together a monthly newsletter
	b) put together and distribute posters, adds, etc. for events
	c) serve as NIU-ACA contact with media (Northern Star, etc.)

   b) Planning Committee--
	a) develop ideas and plans for fundraising events
	b) develop ideas and plans for organizational activities (trips,
           speakers, etc.)

    c) Membership Committee--
	a) promote NIU-ACA on campus
	b) recruit new members

An electronic poll will be distributed to the group for committee volunteers

2) Fund raising

There was little apparent interest in a book sale. However, other
ideas generated interest. Suesette Carre suggested a nine-ball
tournament in the Huskie Den, using donated gift certificates from 
local businesses. Joe Gulino suggested selling concessions at
sporting events, renewing a proposal by Krysta Kaus in fall. A third
suggest was to give massages during finals week, soliciting a nearby
massage school for masseuses. Selling Krispy Kreme donuts in DuSable
also was suggested.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

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