Minutes - January, 2005

The next NIU-ACA meeting will be Tuesday, Feb 1 at 6 pm in DuSable 152

There was no official meeting in January;

The ACA approved our student Chapter at the January conference in Phoenix

The NIU Student Association approved the Chapter at the January 23 meeting

The NIU-ACA executive committee has discussed fundraising, to include
a book sale. It also is moving foward on tshirts.

The next NIU-ACA only prison tour is Friday, January 28, to Stateville R&C 
and "big house."

Discussion of a May tour has come up (either to North Carolina/Tennessee,
or to Illinois Southern Prisons); The possibility of a March (spring break)
extended tour to central Illinois and IDOC in Springfield is also being

Any questions, drop me a note. Jim Thomas - jthomas@math.niu.edu

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