Minutes -Tuesday, March 1 2004

NIU-ACA Minutes/ March 1, 2005
DuSable 152

Present: Josh Stone, Sandrah Marquest, Blair Thompson, Suesette Carre, Javier
Arellano, Jim Thomas, Kelly Joy, Aimee Rucinsky, Phalon Carpenter, Joe

The meeting was called to order at  6.pm. by president Josh Stone and the
summary of the last meeting was read and approved.

The members present introduced themselves

--Faculty Advisor Report: 

Jim reported that the tour of Lincoln/Logan and IDOC on March 16-18 was on,
and 7 people would be attending.

The Angola (Louisiana) prison tour for the Rodeo has been approved, and we can
take 6 to 8 people, joining the Appalachian State University chapter there.

The ACA Baltimore conference is being planned (for early August), and student papers
are encouraged for the poster sessions.

--Treasurer's Report:  

Steve K. reported that we are currently solvent with a balance of $252.75 (as of 2/25).


1) Tshirts-Josh announced that NIU-ACA has gained permission to use the
NIU Husky logo.  Currently, the Tshirts are still in the design phase.

2) Committees-Committees have been formed and chairs selected.  It was
announced that anyone interested in joining a committee should contact the
chair of that committee or Josh Stone.  More information will be sent out
via email.

3) Fundraisers-Sandrah (the planning committee chair) announced that anyone
wishing to work on fundraisers should get in contact with her.  It was
agreed that they will work out the details of fundraisers in writing so
that they can be voted on.


1)  Baltimore Conference-The poster session at the conference was
discussed and there seemed to be some interest.  More information on the
conference will be distributed as it becomes available.  Anyone with
questions regarding the poster session should contact Josh Stone.

2)  Potluck-There was a general consensus that the April meeting be a
potluck.  Most members present seemed to favor a Friday or Saturday
potluck; however, a date/time/place was not decided.  This issue will be
discussed further by the planning committee.

3) Possible Fall Activities-

	a) Guest Speakers-It was suggested that we consider bringing in
guest speakers this fall. 	Some suggestions were: an FBI field agent,
a police officer, a corrections officer, NIU 	alumni in the CJ field,
former inmates, exonerated death row inmates, etc.
	b) Panel Discussion-Javier recommended that we have a panel
discussion on a topic 	such as the media portrayal of prisons.  He
suggested that the panel consist of a 	corrections officer, former
inmate, JT, etc.  The members present agreed that this was 	something
to look into.

4) California Trip-There was a lot of interest in the CA trip proposed by
David S. The members present felt it was worthwhile to look into the
feasibility of such a trip over winter break.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned. 


NOTE: Post-meeting discussions occured, and it was suggested that we find ways to
have more free and open discussion, perhaps with an NIU-ACA WebBoard. This will
be explored (jt).

Any questions, drop me a note. Jim Thomas - jthomas@math.niu.edu

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