Minutes -Friday, October 15, 2004

The second meeting of NIU-ACA was held at 1 pm in DuSable 448.
Present: Steve Kazmierchek, Esmeralda Garcia, Sandrah Marquest, Josh Near, Josh Stone
Mike Rice, Aimee Rucinski, Jim Thomas

The meeting was called to order by Josh Stone (president), and members
introduced each other.


1) Presentation of the Constitution and Bylaws to Student Association will
be on Sunday Oct 24, NOT Oct 17. Steve K indicated that at the first 
reading, the SA received the request. At the second meeting, there would
be questions and answers. Christine Walsh and Josh Stone are making out
the necessary forms.

2) Because of the number of people who cannot make a Friday meeting, 
electronic communication would be heavily used for communication, voting,
and other business.


1) The issue of dues: Should we have only the $15 annual dues required by ACA,
or should we have $20 annual dues? The consensus was that $20 would be
best because it would give the group a bit of a cushion. This was passed
unanimously, but because it involves dues, will be voted on by the group.

2) It was decided that we will begin to collect dues AFTER we receive
NIU recognition and try to send in dues to ACA at the same time.

3) Fund Raising:

   a) Josh Near is looking into designing logs for tshirts. He will
bring several options and we will eventually put them on the homepage
for voting on which we want. 

   b) Other possibilities were mentioned, including book sale from donated 
books, a concession stand at a basketball game (Krysta Kaus's idea). These
well be explored after SA recognition


1) Activities: 

   a) Esmeralda suggested exploring a criminal justice citizen-participation
experience at the DeKalb County Jail that would include a full hands-on
tour of the jail, ride-alongs, booking, court, and the rest

   b) Guest speakers/Career nights; Mike Rice and others indicated that
they would begin talking to contacts to see if we could bring something to
NIU in spring

   c) Strong feelings were expressed about trying to get Jack King involved
somehow because of his experience. Thomas indicated that Jack would be
a good resource, but that we couldn't dump any work on him. However, we
can tap him for ideas. 

   d) To expand the base of membership, non-soci members will contact
their departments in coming months to see if we can form liaisons with
other clubs that might share similar interests for the purpose of brining
in speakers. The Sociology Advisory Club is one obvious group. 
It is important to let non-soci students know that this group cuts across

2) Cool Ideas:

   a) Mike Rice suggested that we explore ways to deliver a one-week course,
such as Soci 388/495/587 in summer or january or over spring break in which
we would visit prisons and receive credit for those courses. Thomas said
he would explore the possibility with Jack King and the Department Chair.
The earliest this could be done would be Summer (May or Aug) of '05.

   b) Josh Stone suggested major prison tour to Angola, Louisiana during
the Rodeo, perhaps in April or October.     

   c) Other prison tours will be suggested. A back-state tour of criminal
court was also suggested.

The meeting concluded at 1:55

Any questions, drop me a note. Jim Thomas - jthomas@math.niu.edu

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