Minutes - September 6, 2005

NIU-ACA Minutes/Sept. 6, 2005
DuSable 440

Present: Josh S, Sandrah K., Steve K, Suesette C, Deanin R, Jim T, Aimee R,
Phalon C, Joe G, Carrie D, Jessica B, Jessica G.

The meeting was called to order at 6pm by president Josh Stone and the
summary of the last meeting was read and approved.

The members present introduced themselves

--Faculty Advisor Report: 

--Treasurer's Report:  Sandrah K. reported that we are currently solvent with
a balance of $228.75.


1) Hurricane Relief Effort-We discussed different things we, as an
organization, can do to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.  One idea was
to go down to LA and volunteer for a week.  JT will stay in contact with
the Assistant Warden of Angola to see what we can do.

2)  T-Shirts-More shirts are being ordered.  Anyone interested in buying a
shirt should contact JT, Josh Near, or Josh Stone.

3)  Fall Potluck-we agreed to host the fall potluck sometime in early
October.  We were unable to come to an agreement on the day of the week
and it was suggested that we have and E-vote.

4) SAC's Sociology Week and Career Night-Deanin R will serve as our
liaison with SAC.  If anyone has any suggestions of how we can contribute,
contact either her or Josh S.

5) On-Campus Activities for Fall/Spring

	--Joe G suggested that we bring in Troy Melendez to speak on
sexual assault for our Oct. meeting.  This was agreed upon.
	--Aimee R and Josh S suggested having ACA movie nights.  Our first
will be on Sept. 20 when we will be watching and discussing the Speck
	--Phalon C suggested we have informational to attract new members.
The date/time/place is still TBD.  Anyone wishing to volunteer should
contact Phalon.

6)  Fall/Spring Trips-a number of trips were suggested, including:

	--Cook County
	--St. Charles
	--Stateville NRC
	--Kentucky multi-day trip (spring break/early summer)
	--California (Winter/Summer)

7) Student Poster Session-a number of members expressed interest in the
poster session at the winter ACA conference.  More information will be
distributed as it becomes available.


1)  Guest Speaker Troy Melendez
	TOPIC: Sexual Assault
	DATE:	 Tuesday Oct. 11, 2005
	TIME:  6 PM
	PLACE: DuSable 440

2)  Movie Night
	TOPIC: Richard Speck Tapes
	DATE:	 Tuesday Sept. 20, 2005
	TIME:  6 PM
	PLACE: DuSable 440
 With no further business, the meeting was adjourned. 

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