Minutes -Sunday, November 14, 2004

NIU-ACA Minutes/ September 12, 2006
Watson 110

Present: Josh, Jeremy, Phalon, Michelle, Felicia, Victor.

The meeting was called to order at 6pm by President Josh Stone.

The small but productive group introduced themselves while enjoying a few
slices of pizza.

1) Charlotte conference recap:  Josh and Phalon gave a brief overview of a
few interesting activities from the Charlotte ACA conference.  

2) Officer nominations:  the last call for officer nominations was
announced, with not further nominations made.  Josh announced that
elections would take place through e-vote in the upcoming week.


1)  Trips-- several ideas for fall trips were discussed including:
		a) Cook County/ Salvation Army
		b) Sheridan ACA trip
		c) Joliet IYC
		d) Southern Illinois multi-day trip for winter break
		  (Tamms, Big Muddy, Menard)
		e) Stateville/NRC

2)  Activities-- the following ideas for activities were suggested and
will be entering the planning phase (please volunteer if you are
		a) movie night
		b) potluck
		c) guest speakers:
			--Burl Cain (Angola warden)
			--Dee Battaglia (Stateville warden)
			--Panel Discussion (former inmates, staff,
			  administrators, etc.)
		d) spring workshop
			--a committee will be created to develop this idea

3)  Sociology Week-- It was suggested that we should have a presence at
the annual sociology week.  Volunteers will be needed to represent

4)  Fundraising-- no new fundraising ideas were suggested, but we do still
have ACA T-shirts for sale if anyone is interested.

5)  Winter ACA Conference in Tampa Bay/ Spring Conference in Kansas City--
planning has begun for the upcoming conferences, and they are highly
recommended from those who attended the Charlotte conference.  Josh
reminded everyone that the poster session is a valuable experience and
that you can submit a paper you have already written (in 388, for
example).  Furthermore, there may be a cash prize for the upcoming poster
sessions (more on this later).


*** Congratulations to Will Mingus, Eric Westphal, and Frank Cecchinnelli
for taking top places at the Poster Session in Charlotte.  Will won second
place at the graduate level, while Eric and Frank were awarded first place
at the undergraduate level.  Nice work and way to represent NIU-ACA!

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned

Any questions, drop me a note. Jim Thomas - jthomas@math.niu.edu
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