ANGOLA, LOUISIANA, September 29-October 3


================ Students MUST be a member in good standing of NIU-ACA to participate in the NIU-ACA prison trips. Angola prison is one of the largest in the world. We will be departing on Thursday, September 29 and returning Monday, October 3. We will tour some of Angola and will see the Angola Rodeo (Sunday, October 2). Preliminary signup/drawing/etc is done in selecting participants for Angola. Those signed up: Phalon Carpenter Suesette Carre Sandy Marquest Deanin Rivera Aimee Rucinski Jim Thomas There is a slight chance that we can take one or two more, depending on whether our "sister chapter" takes it's full share of people, so if you are interested in going, YOU ARE URGED to put your name on the waiting list. COSTS: Airfare to Baton Rouge: About $300 currently (note: Amtrak is about $222 roud trip, 19 hours. A university van, if we can get one, is about $900, the trip is about 14 hours). But, we'd need two vans with 7 or 8 people (counting me) and all our stuff, so flying is probably best) Lodging: A room is $75.60 per night (4 nights). We have reserved some double rooms, and a bed can be rolled into for tripling up (at about $10 extra a night). So, Doubling: about $150 for 4 nights Tripling: about $100 Food: Whatever you spend. Probably about $20 a day TOTAL COST: Depending on whether you doubled or tripled, and how much you eat/spend, between $500-600. We can take only 6 or 7 students, so there will be a waiting list. Signing up does NOT commit you to go, but please sign up only if you are 95 percent certain. If not, put yourself on the waiting list. (signup is closed)

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