UPCOMING EVENTS for 2012-2013 coming soon

Just a few of our past activities

Some of possible future activities

A few of the things we are planning in the future:
We will soon begin thinking about some prison trips for spring, some events
with criminal justice speakers and tours, and start thinking about the 
August ACA conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

In addition:
   a) Guest speakers
   b) Organizing regional student conferences
   c) Specialized prison tours as ACA-recognized group
   d) Participation in ACA conferences
   e) Exploration of career opportunies
   f) Outreach (attending soci/CJ conferences; t-shirts; homepage;
      discussion listserv; newsletter; recruitment; involvement in
      Illinois Correctional Association as joint members
   g) Outreach: Communicating with other state or regional student
   h) Participate with SAC (Sociology Advisory Committe) in career nights
   i) Student paper competitions for annual brunch awards
   j) Community Outreach and Education
   k) Working with similar ACA organizations across the country

Suggestions for more activities?, drop me a note. Jim Thomas - jthomas@math.niu.edu
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