How to JOIN the NIU-ACA

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Membership in this group is open to all members in 
good standing of the NIU student community. 
There are MANY REASONS for joining! 

To join, contact the student advisor:
   Professor Jim Thomas
   Department of Sociology
   Northern Illinois University
   DeKalb, IL 60115 / (815) 753-6436

To join the ACA as a student or professional, go to the 
and follow the instructions. An ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP is 
only $25 a year ($10 for the student chapter, $15 for ACA membership)! 

Any student may come to meetings and join discussions and other activites.
However, only DUES PAYING members in good standing with ACA may vote
on chapter issues and participate in ACA-NIU prison tours.

For questions about the homepage, contact: Jim Thomas -

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