Information about the NIU Student chapter of the ACA

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NIU-ACA is a student organization at Northern Illinois University dedicated
to exploring issues in criminal justice, especially corrections. In January,
2005, it was recognized as an official student chapter of the
American Correctional Association.


Our guiding mission is to promote exploration, understanding, and 
improvement of the justice system within the departmental, University, 
and wider community.


    1) To foster student understanding of the criminal justice systems,
       especially in the prevention, processing, and reintegration of
       offenders, and to recognize the broader social context in which
       corrections occurs
    2) To provide information about career opportunities in corrections,
       social welfare, intervention, law enforcement, probation/parole, and
       other professions addressing the sources, processes, and contexts of
       social offense
    3  To exchange information, both through events at the annual
       meetings,through a newsletter, and networking with others
       within the University and Northern Illinois region
    3) To promote the Sociology department's mission of social justice
    4) To promote the ACA mission of professional excellence 
       and awareness of issues in corrections
    5) To promote diversity within the NIU community
    6) To promote quality teaching of corrections and criminal justice 


Membership in this organization is open to all NIU students in 
good standing of the Northern Illinois University.

We are currently in the process of writing our constitution and bylaws.

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